OK RV Park Policies

Rules & Reminders


  1. Wash your unit or vehicle (a water bucket with squeegee is ok).
  2. Share the lock combination.
  3. Park on the concrete or in a neighbor’s site.
  4. Pick fruit without permission.


  1. Park your vehicle in your site, in front of or behind your RV.
  2. If you move your picnic table, put it back.(Damage to RVs has occurred).
  3. Throw trash in the dumpsters.
  4. Notify the office if you need to change sites.
  5. Notify the office staff to reset breakers – as per Arizona Public Service.

Thanks for being a good neighbor!

Yard Appearance

A tenant of the mobile home space shall exercise diligence to maintain that part o the premises, which he/she has rented in as good condition as when he, she took possession.

  • Clean yard:
    • Remove weeds off the property. (not into alley)
    • Dispose of rubbish, garbage, tires, broken down cars, etc.
    • Possessions on the property are to be kept neat and tidy,
    • Water and trim all trees as needed.
  • Do not deliberately destroy, deface, damage, impair or remove any part or premises such as:
    • Utilities, such as water or electrical risers, or concrete drives, and chain link fences.
Mobile Home Requirements:

A tenant of the mobile home space shall exterior appearance of mobile home unit.

  • Skirting is required arid must be a product that with stands wind, rain, and must he painted and maintained to match the mobile home,
  • Repair all broken windows or doors, and keep exterior of mobile unit in a clean painted appearance, this includes door and window trim.
  • Maintain and fix all exterior lights.
  • No old tires on the roof, lithe roof needs repair, fix it!
  • Exercise common courtesy to your neighbor; they are looking across the street at your unit. Repair all plumbing leaks, in and around the hot water healer area. as leaks here run down the pipe and ruin the main water shut-off’ valve.
Repair order:

A repair order is issued where there is a health concern, or an eyesore to the neighborhood.

  • When a repair order is issued by the Red Rock management, the tenant will have sixty days to comply with this order, or his/her monthly lease may be terminated.
Speed Limit:
  • Even through the City of Holbrook, has a 25 mph in residential area, in Red Rock Mobile Home Park and OK RV Park, it is 15 m.p.h., Residents and visitors comply with this order
  • Also common courtesy will be given to RV units coming into OK RV Park.
Quiet Time:

A tenant or the mobile home space must conduct himself or herself and require other persons on the premises with his consent, to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb his neighbors peace and enjoyment, The City of Holbrook will respond to disturbing the peace between 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 am. This is the quite time.

  • No loud machinery
  • No loud music or beating drums.
  • No loud panics or arguments.
  • However, during other hours, if you’re in your house with all windows and door shut, and there are loud disturbances, the Holbrook police dept. will respond to a nuisance call. Don’t be a nuisance to your neighbor!

There is a curlew for all minors ages 15 and under, who reside or are visiting the Red Rock Mobile Park. The curfew is in effect 7 days a week: regardless of season, school in session or not. The crime loitering, vandalism, and majority of police response in the past have been due to minors/juveniles and their activities. The parents must be present and accountable for any minor that is out after 10:00 p.m. (Even if a minor is located on an area Red Rock Mobile Home Park. The Holbrook Police Dept. is aware of curfew and will be enforced as of October 01, 2005. This curfew collies into effect due to the large number of calls and complaints made is the H.P.D. over the past several months.

  • Dogs. cats. farm animals (cows, sheeps. chickens. pigs etc.) or any other pets:animals may not he kept on the premise, No consent will be given. NO EXCEPTIONS MADE. If you have animals. as mentioned above, at your resident not, you are in violation of the provision.
  • Three dogs per RV, please. Keep your dog on a leash when outside of your RV. Clean up after your pet immediately.
  • Please do not leave your pet tied up and unattended. Do not put up outside pens. Do not walk your pet by the fence at #1 Yellow.
  • Pets are not permitted in park buildings. Do not wash or dry pet bedding in the laundry. If your pet’s barking becomes a nuisance, you may be asked to leave the park.

Tenant will not obstruct any common right of ways such as

  • Alleys
  • Public streets.
  • Other peoples driveways. They are to park at their designated spaces, and show common courtesy to their neighbors.
No Trespassing:

No one is to walk or drive on someone else’s rented property, especially private yards, as this constitutes trespassing, This will strictly he enforced. Permission to be on someone else’s property is by the property renter, or by permission of the owner of the Red Rock Mobile Home Park. LLC,

Room Additions or Adding On
  • Must be governed by the codes and standards of the City of Holbrook:
  • No permanent foundations.
  • Addition must be on a removable frame. adhere to City set backs and must esthetically match the existing mobile home.
  • The unit brought in must meet the mobile home manufacturing UBC. and City codes.
  • Above all. it must be approved by the owner of the Red Rock Mobile Home Park.
  • Request must be in writing, and a plot map done to show location of the addition.
  • Privacy between mobile units
    • Tenant at his/her own cost may install private fencing, but must first come to office and get the park standard for privacy fencing.
  • Exterior fencing is to be chain link, height determined by location.
  • Request to put up fencing must first be in writing and approved by the owner of Red Rock Mobile Home Park, LLC
Repair Request:
  • All repairs a tenant deems Red Rock Mobile Home Park to be responsible for, must be put in writing. Within two weeks of the receiving the request, the owner shall respond back in writing, whether or not it is a creditable request, or we will schedule the repair.
  • Emergency repairs will be responded to immediately- but must still be in writing.
Garden Sheds:
  • The maximum size permitted is a I 0′ X 14% with a non-permanent base, This must be also meet the set back rules of the City of Holbrook
  • It must be a pre-made kit, to assemble out of metal or wood
  • A unit built stick must matches the existing mobile unit, and must not be an eyesore to the neighbors. It must he able to disassembled in the event the tenant leaves the park
  • It must be maintained, painted to match the existing unit, so no rust appears. or matches existing unit.
  • Tenant is responsible for their own trash pickups from the City Of Holbrook.
  • There will be no dumping of trash into the dumpster located at the OK RR Park. LLC
Long-term Customer Rules:
  • Make note of your due date.
    • We will allow a 5 day grace period for space rent due.
    • There will be a $25.00 late charge fee and notice of eviction.
  • Additional electric usage $50.00
    • You are allowed I electrical plug per unit at your site
    • 2nd plug usage is an additional $50.00 monthly
    • You will be charged an additional $50.00 for any other plug at any other electrical pedestal
    • Only use one external plug on your unit.
  • Follow Parking Procedures.
    • Park in your designated site only. (next to, behind or in front of your unit)
    • Do not park in neighboring sites
    • No parking on concrete.
  • Extra Heating Cost
    • Use propane to heat your unit.
    • We charge an extra $50.00 per electric heater-per month
    • Propane tank location must be approved by the manager and remove tank before leaving park.
  • No outside storing
    • No storing of job materials or household goods.
    • If you need a storage unit contact Route 66 Self-Storage @ (928) 524-3722.
    • No outside freezers.
    • No outside tents or clothes lines.
    • Please keep the outside of unit neat and clean
    • No campfires on the grounds. Ask managers about approved receptacles for outside campfires or barbecues.

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